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Dr.Manoj Khanna is amongst the most noted and qualified Cosmetic Surgeon in India.

He is a Board- certified plastic surgeon, practising at Kolkata, with the highest qualifications in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in the country.

Dr.Manoj Khanna's qualifications are MBBS, MS, M.Ch (Plastic Surgery), DNB (Plastic Surgery), FICS (USA)& Fellowship (Cosmetic Surgery), (USA).Dr Manoj Khanna has been invited to give lectures and do workshops in various parts of India & abroad.

Dr.Khanna has received many Awards & Certificates from well known Institutions and Individuals.

Dr.Manoj Khanna has been invited as an expert on many panel discussions regarding Health, Women’s Health beauty, etc.

He has also given numerous talk shows on various TV channels, including Doordarshan, Star TV, ATN, E-TV, Zee TV, etc.

These apart, Dr.Khanna's Cosmetic Surgery Clinic and his excellent works have been widely reported in prominent English, Hindi, Bengali & other daily news papers.

Dr.Khanna has a large number of testimonials from his patients and admirers.Due to constraint of space, time and/or privacy requirements we are unable to display all the testimonials.

However, a limited number of testimonials are provided hereunder for your information.


Patient Testimonials :


Dear Dr. Khanna,
I must thank you form the bottom of my heart for the great job you have done on me. My results of Hair Transplant have been fantastic, and everyone who is meeting me after a few months are surprised to see the change in my face. It has brought so much of confidence in my life, and I am a changed personality.
I cannot express words of gratitude, and will be ever obliged of you.
Regards and ever obliged,


Dear Dr. Manoj Khanna,
I wonder whether God had destined me to meet you only to get a new life. The hair which you have transplanted on my head has changed my outlook, so much so that when I met my mother after 8 months, she told me that I looked 10 years younger after this change. I am very happy with the result, and wish to thank you sincerely for this magnificent work of marvel, which has brought new life into me.
Love and thanks,
Biwajit Chatterjee



Dear Manoj bhaiya,
It is 8 months since I got my hair transplant done by you, and the results have been fantastic. My boss who is the owner of the big food chain I work for here in New York is extremely impressed and now plans to contact you soon to go over to India for his hair too. Also, when I told him the charges for hair transplant in India, he was astonished for the rates are so much higher by 4 to 10 times here in the USA.
Please let me know if you want anything from here. I plan to come to India again in March in 2006, and you will be pleasantly pleased with my new looks.
My best wishes to your family.
Firdos Alam,
885(N), Fletcher Avenue, Valley Stream,
NY 11580.
Ph: 516-5933961.


Dear Dr. Khanna,
I must say that blessed is the mother who has given birth to a son like you who is so kind-hearted and compassionate in dealing with human beings that he has become a doctor par excellence. This has been blessed with GOD’s gift to you of excellent surgical skills and judgement to be able to give people new lives.
I am immensely grateful to you for the wonderful work you have done on me to transform a 69- year old lady to a dynamite aged 50 or thereabout. I wonder why I did not meet you earlier, as I might have got many more flaws corrected during my younger days, which were not to my liking, and changes which would have given me happiness and joy.
you were mentioning that you were planning to come to Toronto some time next summer. Please let me know your programme, for it will be a pleasure to meet my sculptor who transformed a few things GOD had given to me.
May GOD bless you.
your admirer,
Esther in Toronto, Canada


DEAR Dr Uncle,
             I hope you remember me!how are you.i am perfectly fine,and this time i have no
complaints.during the past yesr my life took such a i am studying BA(HONS)IN ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE in the TEESIDE UNIVERSITY at my family is reunited again and we are so happy.i still remember it was around this time that i went to you and begged desperately for you to wave your "magic wand"around me "because i had to look good in the pujas"and you did do that.i will never be able to thank you enough for what you have done for mE Bcos that time when all big doctors,the german doctors refused and could not do anything,i had given up hope and could not magine living a life full of criticism and mockery.thank u so much again. u will always remain special to me.however now i am focussed in my career and aspire to be a chartered are u?have u made more fans like me?but sorry dr uncle, i am not willing to share u and ur jadoo with my friends.i am sorry i could not visit u before i came.i am still continuing the cream treatment and i will never stop it even if u say so bcos i am scared to loose my complexion and bcome dull and lifeless again.however my aprehension is that will i get the same creams in london.
i was hoping if u could tell me a similiar creamto-   
1)hyde solution
2)retino a
should i continue using these creams? and if i stop it will i loose my complexion? i would be glad if u
advised me on this matter.
  take care dr uncle and thank you!
                                        best wishes
Dear Dr. Khanna,
This is Shazi Ghori whom you operatated (breast augmentation) on 10 June 2003. This is just to let you
know that I'm doing fine and have had no problem so far. I got my stiches cut by a cosmetic surgeon in
Dhaka and got back to London on 24th June. As advised by you, I have started exercise from 1 July. The cut mark is not very much visible, and has already started fading away. There's absolutely no pain though the breasts are still hard.I hope the exercise will make them okay.
Dr. Khanna, I would like to thank you for the time you've given during consultations, both before and
after the surgery, and also for the wonderful surgery.
The cosmetic surgeon in Dhaka also commented that the surgery has been done efficiently. I am very happy
with the result. I wish we'd be able to meet sometime in the future. I will contact you if needed. And if
you have any plans to visit/pass through London, please let me. My husband and I would be very happy if
you be our guest in London.
With best regards,
Shazi Ghori


Dear Dr.Khanna,
               Ihope u remember me.I just wanted to say thank u for everything.because of u people not only
call me 'miss world' but i have learnt to experience a new me who is confident and knows that she has an
enormous talent in has helped me to overcome my fears and complexes.the amount of gratitude i have for your abilities[which cannot be doubted]cannot be expressed in words and this is just a mere
effort.though the mark is still there yet i dont care.yes my husband has come back to me and my life

Hello Doctor,
I'm sure you must be surprised and hope you still remember me. Well, just though of droping you this
mail and update you on my progress. Before I start.... please accept my apology for not
writing to you earlier. I did not have an excess to a computer, hence was not able to send you a mail.
After going thru that Lipo, I though that I better take care of myself and get into shape. Well, doctor I
must say that you did do a miracle job on me, considering what all I did to loose weight without any
result. you will be please to know that I now weight about 63-64 KG. And above all I really happy and its
all thanks to you, doctor. It would not have been possible without your help and special care.
Please give my regards to Sunita and Patricia.
Hope you would stay in touch.
Warm regards,


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