As the nose is in the center of the face, the deformities of the nose are very prominent and evident, and that is why Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery operations. Dr.Manoj Khanna is one of the best doctor for nose surgery  in Kolkata and India.

In Rhinoplasty, one or more of the following can be done:

1. Elevation of a depressed nose by adding cartilage, bone silicone implant. This is the commonest procedure especially in eastern India. 

2. Removal of a hump.

3. Reduction of the bulk of the tip.

4. Narrowing of nasal bones

5.Elevation of the tip of the nose

6.Reduction of the size of the nostrils

7.Narrowing of the base of the nose, etc.

The incisions for reducing or recontouring the external nose are usually made inside the nose or in the collumella. So there are hardly any visible marks on the nose after a Rhinoplasty.

It takes about 1 to 3 hours for Rhinoplasty depending upon what has to be done. Most case of Rhinoplasty can be done as an out patient procedure without any hospital stay, you leaving the hospital on the day of the operation.

Dr. Khanna has performed more than 600 rhinoplasty or nose surgeries till date(31/12/2018). He is  the best doctor for nose surgery in Kolkata and India at reasonable cost.

Operation procedure

The operation procedure depends on factors such as the reasons for the surgery, but can include: 

Anaesthesia - you will be given a general or local anaesthetic or IV sedation.. 
Post trauma - to repair a broken nose, slender instruments are usually inserted into each nostril to gently push the bones back into their proper alignment. A bad break may require a small cut (incision), so that the surgeon can see to arrange the bone fragments correctly. 
Cosmetic surgery - rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons can include 'open' or 'closed' techniques. 
'Open' technique - this involves accessing the nasal bones via incisions inside the nostrils and through the columella (the skin that separates the nostrils). 
'Closed' technique - this involves accessing the nasal bones via incisions inside the nostrils. Once the incisions are made, the skin is lifted away from the underlying bones and cartilages. 
Surgical procedures - this depends on the reshaping required; for example, the nasal bones may be chiselled, or broken and realigned, or else cartilage may be trimmed back. 
Stitches - incisions are closed with dissolving stitches.

Taking care of yourself at home:

Be guided by your surgeon, but general suggestions include: 
Make an appointment for a later check-up with your doctor after about one week. 

If you have any medications to take home from hospital, be sure to ask what they are for, and how often and for how long you have to take them. 
If you are ordered antibiotics, make sure you take the whole course. 
Hold your head upright as much as you can. 

your bandages and packing gauze may be left in place for up to a week or so, and then your surgeon will remove the dressing and take out the nasal packs. 
Follow all instructions on how to best keep your nose clean. 
Avoid blowing your nose. 

Contact your doctor if you have any sudden nose bleeds. 

you may need to be off work for around two weeks. 

Avoid contact sports (or any activities that could cause your nose to be knocked) for about six weeks. 

Broken nasal bones may hurt or ache for up to eight weeks. See your doctor for advice on appropriate pain relief. Remember that aspirin can increase the risk of nose bleeds.

Long term outlook:

A broken nose, once healed, isn't as strong as a nose that's never been broken, which means it is at increased risk of fracturing again if you experience a blow to the face. Take all precautions - for example, wear protective headgear while playing sports and use a seat belt when travelling in a car. If you had rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons, you need to realise that your 'new' nose may take up to six months to adjust to its final profile. However, you will be able to see the difference in your nose shape once the surgeon removes the dressing and nasal packs some seven days or so after the operation.

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