Vitiligo and Psoriasis

What is the Xtrac excimer laser, and how does it relate to my skin ?

The Xtrac excimer laser represents one of the newest great advances in laser dermatology. This laser emits narrow-band ultraviolet B light and has been shown to promote re-pigmentation in those who have lost pigment in their skin. 

The laser has also been shown to improve chronic stable plaque psoriasis.

What is vitiligo, and how is it treated ?

Vitiligo is a process in which the human body inhibits the pigment-producing process of the skin's pigment cells. A series of excimer laser treatment can often lead to dramatic re-pigmentation of the skin. Pigment can also be lost in the skin after a variety of sur gical procedures or traumatic accidents.

Examples include the white scars that occur after face-lifts or aggressive facial laser procedures such as carbon dioxide laser resurfacing. A variety of burns and other traumatic accidents may also lead to hypopigmented scars. 

Doctors are currently researching the role of this laser in the treatment for chronic stretch marks that have lost their pigment. 

Treatment is undertaken in a series of laser sessions, and is absolutely painless. Improvement is the general rule. Occasional touch-up booster sessions may be required. 

What is psoriasis ? Can it be treated ?

Psoriasis is a scaly skin eruption that often has a genetic basis. There are many different versions of psoriasis. Chronic, previously treatment-resistant, plaque psoriasis may respond to a series of excimer laser treatment. 

Treatment may be fa ster than most currently available treatments, and is undertaken in a series of laser sessions. Treatment is absolutely painless; improvement is the general rule. Occasional touch-up booster sessions may be required. 

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