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The following are some frequently asked questions about cosmetic surgery. Any specific questions you may have may be discussed in more detail with your physician. 

How many times will I need to see the doctor before and after surgery ?

Patients usually see their physician at least twice before surgery and depending on the procedure, three to six times following surgery. It might be helpful for you to bring the following with you to your initial consultation: the name and telephone number of your primary care physician, a list of specific questions you may have, and photographs. At this time your physician may also take photographs of you. During your second appointment you may review your photographs with your physician, who will then formulate a personalized plan for your surgery. your surgeon will also discuss the proposed procedure(s), recommended types of anesthesia, possible risks and complications, and estimated healing time.
After your procedure, you see your surgeon in five to seven days, and then weekly for several weeks. There may also be follow-up visits at six and twelve months.

How should I prepare for my surgery ?

your physician will provide you with specific guidelines about medications and diet. you may be advised to get plenty of rest and avoid aspirin or aspirin products for at least two weeks before surgery. Also please refrain from tobacco use, since smoking causes constriction of the blood vessels, especially those in your face, and may interfere with the healing process.

Are there risks involved with my procedure ?

All surgery carries potential risks. your physician will discuss the specific risks and/or complications of your proposed surgery with you.

How will I feel after my surgery ?

After surgery, patients usually spend at least twenty-four hours resting with their head elevated on a pillow, and often apply ice packs or cold compresses to reduce swelling. you may require assistance for a day or two. Some patients feel puffy, have a dull headache, and may experience tenderness or discomfort. However, these symptoms can be minimized with prescribed medications or mild analgesics. you may also experience bruising and temporary numbness. Later on, you might experience some itching during the healing process. 

Are there any special post-operative instructions ?

Avoid sun exposure, exertion and any risk of injury.

Will there be scarring ?

Most incisions are made in natural skin creases or behind the hairline and are usually closed with dissolving sutures. Until healing is complete, any bruising or scarring may be camouflaged with standard make-up. Most scars fade over time and become barely noticeable.

When can I return to work ?

New techniques have significantly reduced healing times. However, each patient's healingtime varies with the type of procedure performed, medical history and physical health. Patients having eyelid or nasal surgery can usually return to work in five to seven days. Patients having facelifts usually wait at least two weeks.

When can I resume regular exercise ?

Aerobic and other exercise programs are not allowed for at least two weeks to decrease the risks of bleeding, swelling and bruising. More strenuous activities, such as lifting weights and contact sports, are not allowed for at least one month.

How long do the results from most procedures last ?

Procedures that reshape or correct an imbalance or deformity, such as nasal surgery or chin augmentation, offer permanent benefits. Proceures that focus on rejuvenation, such as eyelid surgery,forehead surgery, and facelifts, usually last between five and ten years.

How much will it cost ?

Dr.Khanna's Cosmetic Surgery Clinic charges reasonable amount for the treatments provided.The charges will typically depend upon the type and procedures involved. Dr.Khanna's office can provide you with cosmetic fees for the surgeon, the hospital and if appropriate, the anesthesiologist.

Are there any quick procedures that can make me look better ?

Dr. Khanna provides an assortment of minimally invasive procedures that can provide cosmetic improvements with little to no down-time. These procedures are performed with you awake in the office setting. A list of such procedures follows:
Botox injection
Collagen implantation
Skin peels
Intense Photo-Light Therapy
Scar revision
IPL hair removal
Lip augmentation

What is the down-time for surgery ? 

Since the majority of facial plastic operations occur on an outpatient basis, most patients can go home the same day of their operation. Nonetheless, there will likely be a recovery period of a few days following surgery. The duration of recovery will depend on the type of surgery that was performed. In most cases, patients can resume work or school within a week and get back to most physical activities within a few weeks.

What are the risks of surgery ?

With recent advances in anesthesia, operating room monitoring, and pre-operative testing, the risks of surgery have become considerably smaller. For a healthy individual, it is probably riskier driving in a car than going under anesthesia. Surgical risks related to the operation itself vary depending on the type of procedure performed.

Will my insurance cover any of the costs ? 

In general, insurance will not cover a procedure that is fully cosmetic in nature. Insurance companies, however, do generally cover some or all of the costs for operations designed to improve the function of you (for example to improve nasal breathing, to improve visual fields, etc.) Some procedures performed by Dr. Khanna have both functional and cosmetic components. In these situations, the functional part of the procedure is billed to the insurance company.

What is the recuperation time ?

Depending upon your operation, it might be as little as three or four days, as in the case of eyelid surgery, or it might be two weeks, as in the case of a face and neck lift. With most surgeries you are out of bed and moving around your home the day after surgery; then it is simply a matter of following the instructions of the physician. Once you leave the hospital, regular phone calls are made to you by our Plastic Surgery nurse to monitor your progress. 

How long will I be off work ?

With most cosmetic operations you will be off of work between one and two weeks, depending upon the particular procedure performed. In some cases, there is some swelling, which will still allow you to return to work. If there is any bruising, most can be covered with special makeup, which will be provided for you. 

What complications are there ?

It is important to remember that cosmetic surgery is a real operation that carries certain risks. At your consultation the nurse, as well as you physician, will discuss each of these risks in detail. We also have interactive computer programs and videos of the different procedures that are used in patient education which identify the risks associated with each of the operations. 

Will I be hospitalized ?

All of the surgeries are performed at Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital. Most of them are done as an outpatient, which means you enter the hospital in the morning and leave in the afternoon. If necessary, you can be hospitalized following the surgery, but in the large majority of the cases it is not necessary. Certain operations, such as tummy tuck or a facelift will require an overnight admission, which would incur an additional expense. All of this will be discussed with you, in detail, at your consultation. 

What kind of pain can I expect ?

Most cosmetic surgeries have very little pain associated with them. Obviously pain thresholds vary from patient to patient. you will be provided with appropriate oral medication, which should satisfy any need you may have in this area. 

Will I have general or local anesthesia ?

Many cosmetic surgery procedures can be done under local anesthesia, which includes mild sedation associated with injection of the anesthetic in the area to receive surgery. This is similar to that given by a dentist in his office. Some surgeries such as a tummy tuck will require that you be put to sleep. If you are put to sleep with a general anesthetic that would incur an additional cost, this will be discussed with you at the time of your consultation. If you want to be put to sleep totally, even though a local anesthetic would suffice, this can also be provided. Obviously each person, and their individual needs, will be considered and discussed individually at your consultation.

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