Surgical Facilites in Peren district

A pleasant appearance can open doors to new opportunities whereas unattractive looks may just find the same avenues closed.

Aesthetic surgery, popularly known as cosmetic surgery, has developed and become popular in the last decade because of increasing awareness and desire for self improvement. The demand for cosmetic surgery is at an all time high now.

Although almost all persons are benefited from aesthetic surgery, there are patients who are not good candidates for cosmetic surgery, either because of their unrealistic expectations, or technical limitations like age, and mental and physical health. If a patient is undergoing surgery for someone else's wishes, the chances of disappointment are very high.

In almost all cases (except few), the patient can go home the same day or requires only one day stay in the hospital. In the next few paragraphs, I shall give a brief synopsis about the various cosmetic surgery procedures that are performed, including Hair transplant, liposuction, facelift, breast surgery including breast enlargement, breast reduction, breast lift, enlarged male breast or gynaecomastia correction, nose surgery or rhinoplasty, baggy eyelids, etc.

Procedures Available

Hair Transplantation
Breast Surgery
Face Surgery
Miscellaneous Surgery


Reach Surgical-Facilities Clinic/Surgeon in Peren_district

There are number of patients from Peren_district who are looking for advice on cosmetic surgery, hairloss treatment, baldness, hair replacement and also liposuction, breast augmentation/reduction, face and scar repair. We can help you find a good surgeon and a good clinic in Peren_district.

If you are looking for an expert surgeon in Men, Women, Eyebrow, Beard, Mustache Hair Transplant in Peren_district then you have a great opportunity to find the right surgeon by filling up the enquiry form now.

If we do not have a clinic in in Peren_district, we would most certaininly have one near to your place. We would guide you to Surgical-Facilities Clinic/Surgeon nearby.

About Peren district : Peren (Pron:/ˈpɛɹən or pəˈɹɛn /) is the eleventh and newest district of Nagaland and has been formed by the partition of Kohima District. Peren District is inhabited by the Zeliangs who originated from Nkuilwangdi, presently in Senapati District of Manipur. After consolidating British rule in Kohima and surrounding villages by 1879, the British Imperialist turned its attention towards Barail ranges South of the Angami Country inhabited by the Zeliangs (Known to the Britishers as Kacha Nagas) and succeeded in establishing their authority over the Zeliangs within the following years. Soon after, the British Government realized the importance of proper communication to carry out colonial administration and extension of political administrative control. Accordingly, link roads were constructed linking Kohima with all the outlying posts. One such link roads constructed was the bridle path through Khonoma via Benreu Pedi, Peletkie, Peren, Tesen to Tening outpost in 1885. Moreover, comfortable Dak Bangalows also known as Inspection Bangolows, were constructed at Pedi, Peletkie and Tesangki. This bridle path proved effective in quelling the freedom movement led by Rani Gaidinliu between 1931 -1940 and her subsequent capture from Poilwa village by Captain Macdonald And as a Precautionary measure against its revival, the British Government maintained its outpost at Tening (Henima).

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