Non Surgical Fat Reduction Treatment

Non Surgical Liposuction in Kolkata

Transform Yourself With Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Treatment In Kolkata

Do you wish to improve your body contour without undergoing painful surgery? Undergoing non-surgical fat reduction treatment in Kolkata at Cosmetic Surgery Clinic can be the key to achieve an attractive appearance. Led by Dr. Manoj Khanna, we are cosmetic surgeons you can count on for your minimally invasive fat reduction treatment. Whether you wish to get rid of your stubborn fat or want to enhance your body shape, our CoolScuplting procedure can be the answer.

Our non-surgical fat reduction procedure is a minimally invasive treatment which selectively breaks down the fat cells in particular areas of the body to reduce the size of fat pockets. The CoolScuplting procedure is a fat-freezing method which uses extreme cold to dismantle fat cells and help in reducing fat pockets. Our non-surgical liposuction in Kolkata is a great alternative to surgical liposuction where fat is reduced by using various advanced technologies which melt and liquefy fat cells.

CoolSculpting- A Non-surgical Fat Reduction Procedure You Can Trust

CoolSculpting is one of the most leading non-invasive procedures which destroy fat cells in different areas around the body. Considered as an innovative way of contouring the body by freezing unwanted fat, our non-surgical procedure is popular all throughout the world. Our non-surgical fat reduction treatment in India is ideal for everyone who wants to reduce localised fat bulge which has persisted in spite of diet and exercise. What makes our non-surgical treatment the preferred choice of all is minimal expected time.

Non-surgical fat reduction treatment in India

Benefits Of Our Non-Surgical Liposuction

  • 1. A minimally invasive fat reduction procedure
  • 2. No general anesthesia, scars or incision
  • 3. Little to no downtime required
  • 4. No needles or painful surgeries
  • 5. Minimal side effects for most patients
  • 6. Permanent results which last as long as patients maintain their weight

How Can Non-Surgical Liposuction Improve Your Body?

No matter whether you are a man or a woman, non-surgical liposuction in India can improve the body contour of every individual. Our minimally invasive treatment can improve your body by ways like-

  • 1. Reducing double chin
  • 2. Smoothening the thighs
  • 3. Reducing stretch marks
  • 4. Reducing belly bulges
  • 5. Removing unwanted hair

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