Leg Veins

Can a laser treat leg veins ?  How can leg veins be treated ?

Sclerotherapy may be most appropriate for treating some leg veins, and is the standard treatment for leg veins. Sclerotherapy involves injecting the veins with a substance which irritates the walls of the vessel; as a result, the veins close off or are clotted off. 
Laser treatment can be used for leg veins which respond poorly to sclerotherapy, or for patients who prefer to avoid needles. Smaller leg veins (up to 3 mm) may respond well to lasers and laser-like devices.  Lasers used in this kind of treatment include the KTP laser and the newer long-pulse Nd:YAG laser. your doctor will assess your specific situation. 

How will I know whether I will respond well to sclerotherapy ?

Response to treatment is variable, and test treatments are often used to predict response prior to a full treatment.

What can I expect to occur immediately after treatment ?

Bruising and discoloration can result temporarily from sclerotherapy. For those treated with lasers, possible side effects include blistering and discoloration, especially in darker-skinned patients, though this is less of a problem with the longer-wavelength lasers. 

How many treatments are required ? Is treatment permanent ?

For both treatment methods, eradicating the veins frequently requires more than one session of treatment. Despite eradication, new veins can develop over time, requiring a touch-up treatment later on. Compression stockings are often recommended for the first week or two after treatment to improve efficacy. 

What are the costs involved ?

Costs depends on several factors which can only be determined after an examination of the patient. 

Will my insurance cover treatment ?

Treatment is generally considered cosmetic and therefore is not covered by medical insurance. However, if the condition is severe or symptomatic, medical insurance may cover the treatment. If you have any questions, it is best to consult with our Doctor personally and your insurance company.

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