Facial Veins

What are facial veins ?

Facial veins are fine blood vessels (otherwise known as telangiectasia) located on the face, usually around the nose and central cheeks. They can be the result of cumulative sun exposure, genetics, or rosacea. Many patients also refer to these as "broken" blood vessels or capillaries. 

How can these be treated ? 

Facial veins can be treated using a KTP laser. There are many variants of this laser, but all of them are designed to penetrate the skin and target the blood vessels. Facial veins can also be treated by administering a mild electrical current conducted through a fine electrical needle. Extensive facial veins , as well as overall redness and flushing, are sometimes more effectively treated using a pulsed dye laser. 

How will I look immediately after treatment ?

There is mild to moderate redness and swelling in the first day or two after KTP laser treatment, but recovery is usually easy. The more extensive technique of pulsed dye laser surgery causes severe bruising, which takes approximately two weeks to fade.

How many treatments are necessary ? Is treatment permanent ? 

Depending on the severity of the condition, multiple treatments may be required. Improvement generally lasts for several years, but over time new facial veins will develop, requiring a touch-up treatment at a later date. 

What treatments are considered medically necessary vs. cosmetic ? 

Treatment of facial veins is considered cosmetic; consequently, the cost is not covered by medical insurance. 

What are the costs involved ?

Costs for this treatment depends on several factors.Our Clinic will provide you with a cost range only after your first consultation with our lead Doctor

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