Facial Implants

How are the implants attached to the various structures ? Can they slip ?

Implants are generally not attached to the underlying structures because they are made with depressions on the under surface to fit over the anatomic areas on which they are inserted. Implants can slip, however, in general, the pockets created are made just big enough to allow the implant to sit in the correct position. In some situations, some surgeons will use small screws to fasten the implants in place.

Can implants be used with other types of plastic surgery? Like face-lifts ?

Yes implants can be used in conjunction with other procedures like facelifts. The chin implants we just talked about can be placed at the same time as the facelift, or cheek implants can also be placed. Depending on the need of you, certain implants can be utilized with other types of face procedures.

How many kinds of materials are used to make implants ?

Hard silicone is the most common kind, but there are quite a few other types.

How is the silicone in facial implants different from the silicone used in breast implants ?

Facial implants that are made up of silicone are hard silicone. Breast implants have an outer cover and are filled with gel silicone.

What does a cheek implant do? How does it enhance the face ?

Cheek implants will essentially pump up the area of the cheek. Depending on the needs of you, sometimes the plumping is needed more in the front of the cheekbone or on the side of the cheekbone.

Is there an implant that can repair a septal perforation ?

Septal perforation can be covered with a silicone implant that is inserted to block their perforation.

Will I have to have an implant procedure repeated in a few years ?

In general unless there is a problem with the implants there is no need for a repeat procedure.

Are there scars after surgery ?

If you are talking about cheek implants, the incision is made on the inside of the mouth generally, so you will not have an outside scar. As far as chin implants, you may have a scar underneath the chin but it is located in an imperceptible position.

Will the surgery hurt ?

Any surgery has some pain associated with it, but it is usually easily treated with ordinary pain medication.

My husband is considering mentoplasty, how long is the recovery time ?

Mentoplasty is a name given to the procedure where the chin is augmented either with an implant or having the chin bone advanced. If your husband is having a chin implant, the recovery period is rather short on the order of a few days. If however it is an advancement of the chin bone, recovery time may be around two weeks.

How common is infection from the surgery ?

Infection is one of the complications that can occur with implants. Fortunately it is fairly uncommon.

What should I look for in a surgeon ? Board certified ?

It is important to make sure your surgeon is well trained in plastic surgery. There are two main groups who perform facial implants. The largest group is board certified plastic surgeons and the second largest group is facial plastic surgeons. you should ask your surgeon about his/her training and their board certification and what specialty it is in.

Can facial implants be used in reconstructive surgery ?

Facial implants can be used in reconstructive surgery. Although most of the time, grafted bone from other parts of the body are used in reconstructive procedures.

Are some people better candidates for malar augmentation ?

People that are more ideal candidates for malar augmentation, which is the same thing as cheek augmentation, are people with a fair amount of tissue in their cheeks so they can cover the implants well. Obviously, you needs to have a deficiency in this area before you can be considered a candidate.

Is facial implant surgery done on an outpatient basis ?

Facial implant surgery is almost always done on an outpatient basis.

Can you explain what a dorsal columella implant is ?

A dorsal columellar implant is used to augment the dorsum or the height of the nose as well as the tip of the nose. These implants are made of foreign material and are generally not recommended by most plastic surgeons.

Is there a chance that the body will reject an implant ?

The materials that the implant is made out of are generally inert enough to not elicit an immune response. However, it is possible to have sensitivity or to develop an infection around the implant, and this in essence will force the implant to be removed.

If a person is unhappy with the cosmetic results, can a procedure be redone ?

If your question were in general about cosmetic procedures, it would be difficult to answer because it depends on the particular procedure. If however you are talking about implants, it is possible to exchange the implant for a larger one, reposition the implant, or simply remove it.

Are there people with underlying medical conditions that should not have this type of cosmetic surgery ?

In general, cosmetic surgery is performed on people who can withstand the surgery. This means that you should not have any medical problems that would prevent them from withstanding the surgical procedure or the anesthesia associated with it. Since many of these implants are performed under local anesthetic, most people would be able to tolerate the procedure. General categories of people who are not good candidates for surgery are people with significant heart problems, bleeding disorders, immune deficiencies and a variety of other problems that are too many to mention here.

Are there any things I can do prior to the surgery to make recovery time easier/faster ?

In general it is better to quit smoking overall, but if you do smoke, it is a good idea stop for a period of time before and after surgery.

Are there any cases why an external approach to cheek implants would be used over an internal approach ?

The external approach to cheek implants is performed through a lower eyelid incision. If you were going to have a lower eyelid incision as part of another procedure along with the cheek implants, then it would make sense to insert them in that fashion. However, there are surgeons who prefer the external approach exclusively for the insertion of cheek implants.

Is there an age limit to facial implants ?

In general, the limitation to whether a facial implant is utilized is related to their anatomy and not their age. However, it would be unusual to find people over the mid 60s who would desire facial implants. We prefer to perform implants in people who have reached their adult size so that we are augmenting on a stable base.

Does a formation of fibrous tissue happen with facial implants like it does with breast implants ?

I believe what you are referring to is a capsule that forms around an implant. Any foreign material that is placed in the body will form a capsule around it. Breast implants, because they are free floating, have a capsule that can be more palpable than the capsules that would form around facial implants.

How common is nerve damage in facial surgery ?

Nerve damage in facial surgery is a fairly general question. Certain procedures have more nerve damage than others. If we limit our discussion to facial implants then we can talk about damage to the nerve that supplies sensation to the middle of the face, which is associated with cheek implants, and the nerve that supplies sensation to the lower lip, which is associated with chin implants. Fortunately this is fairly unusual.

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