Dr Manoj Khanna

Dr. Manoj Khanna

A pleasant appearance can open doors to new opportunities whereas unattractive looks may find the same avenues closed.

Aesthetic surgery, popularly known as "Cosmetic Surgery", has developed and become popular in the last decade. Because of increasing awareness and desire for self improvement, the demand for cosmetic surgery is at an all time high now.

Cosmetic surgery is performed for aesthetic reasons, whereas plastic or reconstructive surgery is usually performed for medical reasons to correct deformities. People elect to have cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance.

The most common types of Cosmetic Surgeries are:

Hair Transplant, Liposuction,Tummy tuck(abdominoplasty), Breast enlargement (augmentation mammaplasty) & Breast reduction (reduction mammaplasty), Nose surgery (rhinoplasty),

Facelift(rhitidoplasty), Eyelift (blepharoplasty), Chemical peel, Dermabrasion, Wrinkle reduction, Ear correction (otoplasty),Facial implants, Lip enhancement, 

The best known Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in India is led by DR. MANOJ KHANNA,a well known Plastic, Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgeon based in Calcutta, India. 

He is a Board- certified plastic surgeon, practising at Kolkata, with the highest qualifications in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in the country.

His Clinic known as "Cosmetic Surgery Clinic" is located in a posh locality of Kolkata where Dr.Khanna conducts his practice by meeting his patients and providing treatments.

Dr.Manoj Khanna's qualifications are MBBS, MS, M.Ch (Plastic Surgery), DNB (Plastic Surgery), FICS (USA)& Fellowship (Cosmetic Surgery), (USA).Dr Manoj Khanna has been invited to give lectures and do workshops in various parts of India & abroad. 

He was invited to demonstrate the technique of Hair Transplant to the ‘Baroda Association of Plastic Surgery’ (2001), ‘Guwahati Medical College ‘ (2001),’Cosmetic Surgery Clinic of Raipur ‘(2002) ‘ ‘Association of Plastic Surgery of West Bengal ‘(2001) and ‘Patna Medical College’ (2002). 

He was awarded the First Prize for the Best Paper for his work on Hair Transplant and Liposuction at the 8th International Congress of Oriental society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Bali, Indonesia in Oct 2002. 

Dr.Khanna has presented papers and delivered talks in various meetings and conferences all over the world, including the 17th Congress of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery at Houston in August-September 2004. He was invited as Faculty to the Xth International Congress of The European Society For Laser Aesthetic Surgery meeting at Athens, Greee in May 2007, where he delivered two guest lectures on 'Innovations in Hair Transplantation in the Indian context- Review of 950 cases' and 'Hair Removal using LHE- The Indian experience'. He was the only Indian delegate invited to present a paper at the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) meeting at Melbourne in Feb 2008.He was invited as Guest Faculty to the 'Aesthetic Asia' meeting in Singapore in September 2009 to give a talk on "Hair transplantation" and "MegaLiposuction". He was invited to give talks and participate in meetings of "Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons" in Bangkok in 2011, "International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons" meeting in Alaska in 2011, and "Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons of India" in Mumbai in 2011. He was also invited as Faculty to give a talk on Hair transplant by the "Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons" in their National conference in Kodaikanal in March 2012. 

Dr.Manoj Khanna was awarded the 'Swami Vivekanand National Award for Healthcare' for 2011 for his contribution to the teaching and practice of aesthetic surgery in India. He was awarded 'Mother Teresa International Award' for Medical Sciences in January 2014 in Kolkata. His dedication in medical treatment an training young doctors fetched him the 'Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award' in New Delhi in September 2014.

He is a member of various bodies and associations, like Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons of India, Association of Plastic Surgeons of India, Association of Surgeons of India, Indian Medical Association, International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, etc. He has been nominated "Visitng Professor in Cosmetic Surgery for India" for 2007 by the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India. He was the President of the 'Association of Hair Restoration Surgery of India' in 2012. He wasthe President of the "Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons" in 2016. He is currently the National Secretary of India of ISAPS from 2016 to 2019.

His achievements and involvement in this growing and vast field of Aesthetic Surgery is also immense. He is highly experienced and trained under famous aesthetic surgeons at different well known cosmetic surgery centers in California, Chicago, New York, Miami, Detroit, London, Paris, etc. Numerous qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeons from different corners of India and Asia come to him for training in cosmetic and aesthetic surgery, and he has trained to do various procedures, like Hair transplant, Liposuction, Breast surgery, Facelifts, Nose surgery, etc during their apprenticeship.

He has completed more than 6000 cases of Hair Transplant or Hair replacement, i.e. hair restoration in bald individuals. He has designed a special instrument called the "Kolkata Slit" which is being patented and is very useful for Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation or FUT. 

Dr Manoj Khanna has performed over 1300 cases of LIPOSUCTION or Suction-Assisted Lipectomy (fat removal up to 6 liters in one sitting), liposculpture, Ultrasonic Liposuction, Body Contouring, body enhancement, body sculpting, including Buttock lift, tummy tightening or tummy tuck or abdominoplasty.

He also has done more than 1000 female breast surgery procedures or breast jobs, which include breast augmentation or enlargement or breast enhancement / boob-job / mammoplasty / mammaplasty using Saline implants, silicone gel-filled implants, and Double lumen implants, Breast reduction, breast lift / mastopexy / breast tightening / breast elevation). 

He has reduced more than 700 cases of enlarged male breasts, known as gynecomastia or gynecomazia. He has also done more than 600 cases of Rhinoplasty or nose surgery operations, including dorsal augmentation, tip-plasty, hump correction, reduction rhinoplasty, Nose reshaping, Septorhinoplasty, etc. 

He also does other Cosmetic aesthetic surgery and Plastic surgery procedures regularly, like Facelift or rhytidectomy, neck lift, facial rejuvenation, Wrinkle removal, Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty, Eyelid Lift, Cheek implants, Chin implants, Chin augmentation, Chin reduction, Lip augmentation, Lip enlargement, Lip reduction, Fat injections, Collagen injections,Dermabrasion, Laser resurfacing, Facial Resurfacing, Chemical peel, glycolic acid peel and skincare using various Skincare Products, Skin Blemishes, anti-wrinkles, anti-aging, Treatment for Wrinkles, Hair removal, Tattoo removal, Birthmark removal, Endoscopic facelift, Endoscopic Cosmetic Surgery , Cosmetic tattooing, Permanent eye-liner, Breast reconstruction, Facial Cosmetic Surgery, Nasal Refinement, Ear Pinning, Otoplasty, Scar Revision, Laser Surgery, Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Ear reshaping, , scars, burns, deformities, skin cancer, body improvement, Cosmetic trends, Dermatologic surgery, tissue expansion . 

Dr. Manoj Khanna has satisfied patients not only across the geographical boundaries of the country, but also abroad as well. 

His Clinic in Kolkata / Calcutta regularly has patients coming to him from the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Middle-East, besides patients from all over India. 

He frequently has Doctor referral, Physician referral, and surgeon referral from various sources, including TV Networks like NDTV 24x7.

Dr.Manoj Khanna has been invited as an expert on many panel discussions regarding Health, Women’s Health beauty, etc.

He has also given numerous talk shows on various TV channels, including Doordarshan, Star TV, ATN, E-TV, Zee TV, etc.


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